10 CBD Reviews You Need To Read | Quanta

May 15th 2019 Posted by Quanta

10 CBD Reviews You Need To Read | Quanta

Stephen C

This is a great product

"This is a great product, it has brought relief to my lower back, knee and shoulders. I recommend this product for anyone muscle aches and wants relief."

Sonja B.

Desperate Mama

"We love your products! Our 8 month old had an almost 103° fever this week. He wouldn’t take medicine, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep. And while the fever had started to decline, it still wasn’t declining quickly enough for me. We had just purchased the the muscle rub and decided to rub some on his chest. It calmed him instantly. And within an hour he ate and took a nap, when he woke up his fever was completely gone. Right after, our two year old starting cutting his two year molars. He was miserable to say the least. A little of the muscle rub along the side of his face and jaw gave him the relief he needed. It saved our lives this past week and this mama’s heart. Thanks!!!"

GiGi G.

Love the scent!

I have tried several CBD ointments and balms for my elbow tendinitis and knee soreness and so far Quanta has been the most effective at reducing pain, stiffness and soreness. The best thing is it smells great too!

April E.

Ex Baseball Player - Value even for Price

My husband is an ex baseball player and has bad shoulders and rheumatoid arthritis. We’ve tried everything to help with the pain. I was skeptical, especially at the price. But it works. It’s really helped relieve his pain dramatically. You only need a small amount as well.

Alyssa T.

Life Saver While Traveling

I rubbed some on my neck and knees before flying cause we all know how cramped planes can be and how it can make you achy. Love the clean ingredients. It gives you a cool sensation when you put it on and helps with any type of pain!

Jr F.

Absolutely Love It!

I've tried it twice now and absolutely love it! I used to be quite the icy/hot junkie for my sore muscles but I really like how natural the Quanta Smells and how quickly it begins working. I've been sharing it with the other personal trainers at the studios I manage and everyone loves it so far. I'm going to be out soon if I keep sharing!

Joseph G.

Fast Acting -- Truly works. Has to be the HEMP!!

So an as avid tennis player and hiker, i am constantly in search of deep penetrating and fast acting rubs. This ones formula i have been using for the past two weeks with amazing results!! It also has helped me tremendously for a chronic neck pain issue i have been having. Cant recommend enough!! Joseph

Nelson J.

A GODSEND!!! Improved quality of life!!

I got this product for my aunt. She has severe pain in hands due to arthritis. This product is a godsend!!! I highly recommend it.

Shelley H.

Pain Relief For Chronic Pain!

The level of relief from multiple chronic health issues is amazing. Fibromyalgia, traumatic disfiguring arthritis, and a myriad of problems stemmed from service in the military. Quanta is dedicated in providing an amazing product through its process that optimizes cannabis in its upmost capacity. The muscle rub has had a great affect with pain relief on inflammation.

Jamie D.

My Clients love it! And I love it!

I am a Massage Therapist and had the pleasure to work an event with Quanta this weekend, where we incorporated the CBD Massage Rub samples with our clients. Not only did the clients feel relief, but my hands felt no discomfort after 2 days of back to back massages. I will not only be incorporating this product in my practice, but for sure be using for my own personal self care. Highly recommended!

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