5 Reasons Quanta Anti-Aging Cream is A Gym Bag Must-Have

Feb 10th 2020 Posted by Brittany

5 Reasons Quanta Anti-Aging Cream is A Gym Bag Must-Have

Your gym bag contains everything you need for a great workout. But what about your beauty regimen? Today, you can find that many men and women are integrating Quanta Anti-Aging cream into their health, and fitness routines because the gym is one of the best places to apply your skincare. You may not realize that Quanta Anti-Aging cream is a gym bag must-have, but it is an essential companion to your skincare regimen. Consider these reasons to always include Quanta Anti-Aging cream as part of your workout routine.

Here are just 5 reasons Quanta Anti-Aging cream is a gym bag must-have:

1. Redness. A warm post-workout glow is common, but if flushing and redness occur after your workout, using Quanta Anti-Aging cream can help. Apply the soothing cream during your cool down period to reduce rosacea and post-workout redness. Keeping Quanta Anti-Aging cream in your gym bag is one of the fastest ways to sooth flushing and calm rosacea. Quanta Anti-Aging cream effectively conditions your skin with a rich combination of nutrients including minerals, antioxidants, and polysaccharides derived from cucumber extract. Applying Quanta Anti-Aging cream with cucumber fruit extract creates a gel-like barrier on your skin that locks water inside your cells, and protects your skin from moisture loss. Quanta Anti-Aging cream is ideal for all skin types, but for people with fair skin, Quanta Anti-Aging cream offers immediate results for redness, along with long-term anti-aging effects.

2. Repair. When you exercise your body experiences stress which then causes cells in your body to create what are known as “free radicals.” These molecules are a part of the metabolic process however, they can also be damaging to your cells, muscle tissue, and genetic material. Free radicals produced during the oxidation process are stabilized from their stressful, damaging state with antioxidants. Quanta Anti-Aging cream contains a potent antioxidant known as resveratrol to protect your skin from cellular damage. Using Quanta Anti-Aging cream after your workout is an ideal way to stimulate the body’s natural repair progress, and reduce the natural aging process from free radical damage.

3. Absorption. Your skin is the largest detoxification organ of your entire body. When you enjoy a good sweat session your body is able to remove toxins that can linger deep inside of your body via your skin's pores. Unfortunately, if you do not do regular workouts it can be difficult to see results from your topical skin care regimen. You see because topical products are absorbed through the epidermis (the top layer of your skin) sweating from exercise is the best way to prepare your skin for application. Use any type of workout you like to simulate the detoxification process, and then apply QUANTA Anti-Aging cream directly to your skin afFter washing your face. Following this protocol is the most effective way to deliver Quanta Anti-Aging cream polarized molecules directly to your skin.

4. Hydration. You may already know that moisturized skin looks, and feels more youthful. Quanta Anti-Aging cream may shock you with its ultra-thick texture, and refreshing scent. As a lotion, Quanta’s Anti-Aging formula not only hydrates your skin, but it also smoothes fine lines, and wrinkles for immediate results. Able smooth uneven skin texture, Quanta Anti-Aging cream also acts as an everyday moisturizer ideal for stashing away in your gym bag for long-term effects. Use an application of Quanta Anti-Aging cream after your morning, and evening workouts for deep hydration.

5. Puffiness. Your face is clean, and youthful looking right after your workout, but that look may fade after the gym. The after effects of your exercise can also include lingering puffiness, and moisture loss, but high doses of vitamin C may help. You see, vitamin C is known to offer numerous benefits to the skin including antioxidant protection, collagen production, cellular healing, and puffiness reduction. Not only is vitamin C an essential nutrient for your anti-aging regimen, but it is also ideal for your entire face. Ideal for use after a workout, Quanta Anti-Aging cream includes the high concentration of vitamin C needed to combat skin aging. Quanta Anti-Aging cream includes Kakadu Plum - an Australian Fruit that contains one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C available to keep your post-workout glow.

Quanta Anti-Aging cream contains a blend of 27 essential nutrients for youthful, radiant skin. Ideal for all skin types, and sensitive skin, Quanta Anti-Aging cream contains the same exclusive polarized CBD molecules available in other QUANTA formulas. Known to effectively lock in vital skin moisture for lasting beautiful skin, Quanta Anti-Aging cream is able to reduce fine lines, and wrinkles, and immediately reduce puffiness so you always look your best. Use Quanta Anti-Aging cream within 30 minutes of exercise to lock-in that post-workout look all day. 

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