5 stretches you need for the New Year!

Dec 26th 2019 Posted by Rohnie

5 stretches you need for the New Year!

The importance of stretching after a vigorous workout cannot be overstated. While maximizing the effect of your workout, stretching protects the muscles from damage and can promote recovery to reduce soreness. Our muscle rub product works synergistically with stretching. If exercise is one of your New Year’s resolutions then here are 5 stretches you need to include in your routine. 

  1. Neck Stretch

Let’s start our stretches from the top down. You may not have done any neck workouts per se, but neglecting it during your post-workout stretching can lead to tension later on.Standing up, start by looking toward the ceiling . Move your left ear to your left shoulder and start rolling your neck bringing your chin to your chest and stopping at your right shoulder. Go back and forth for 30 seconds.

2. Standing Tricep Stretch

Next, we’ll focus on the arms. Grab your right elbow with your left hand and place your right palm in the middle of your upper back. With your left hand, gently pull your elbow toward your head and hold for about 45 seconds. Do the same thing on the other side for another 45 seconds.

3. Shoulder stretch

This next stretch is pretty simple, but let’s break it down to get the best stretch out of it. With your feet shoulder width apart, raise your right arm to shoulder height in front of you, and bring it across your body. Tuck your left wrist behind your right elbow and bring your right arm as close to your body as possible. You should feel this stretch in the shoulder area. Hold for 30 seconds on both sides.

4. Hamstring Stretch

Now, we’ll move to the lower body. Lay down on the small of your back and bend your left knee 90 degrees (a right angle) for balance. Next, raise your right leg off the ground, keeping your knee as straight as possible. While raising your knee, keep your right hip on the floor. Bring your right leg straight up and hold for 30 seconds. For the best stretch, repeat this stretch 3 times before moving to the other side. 

5.Tuck/Happy Baby pose

Start this pose by lying flat on the floor and rest your legs for a few seconds. When you’re ready, bring up both knees and hold them close to your chest. Roll your ankles clockwise then counterclockwise for a total of 30 seconds. If you’re looking for a deeper stretch, grab the outside your feet and bring your knees closer.

If you’d like to do more for muscle recovery and stop delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) use Quanta Muscle rub after your workout and before bed. Using our patented technology, our CBD is four times more effective than your average CBD product, and with a blend of other natural anti-inflammatories, you’ll find relief from pains major and minor. Using before bed can help you get sufficient sleep for your body to repair itself so you can take on the next day and your next workout.







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