6 Reasons Every Athlete Should Try CBD.

Apr 13th 2020 Posted by Grace

6 Reasons Every Athlete Should Try CBD.

During these crazy times fitness is more important than ever. Instead of focusing on buying toilet paper and commercial hand sanitizer, instead, spend some time on your personal health. 

The use of CBD is becoming prevalent in the fitness industry. Athletes are realizing how helpful the natural compound is when nicely incorporated in a workout routine. Due to its wide range of benefits to the human body, the number of professional athletes using CBD is increasing drastically. That saw the World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, remove cannabidiol from the list of banned compounds back in 2018. The reason behind the bold step is because CBD is not only beneficial to athletes but also non-intoxicating, making it safe to use. In case you are yet to start benefiting from the cannabinoid, here are six reasons why you should try CBD.

1. CBD Can Facilitate Athlete’s Timely Recovery

Athletes have personal fitness regimes which they perform to enhance their performance. Like other humans, they end up experiencing tiny muscle tears and sometimes workout injuries, which may lead to prolonged downtime. When faced with such problems, most athletes end up opting for over the counter drugs to help them recover. But unlike CBD, the medication often ends up exhibiting unpleasant side effects. With CBD, athletes don’t have to worry about downtime. That is because CBD is an anti-inflammatory compound that can help reduce inflammation and shorten recovery time significantly. To manage that, the cannabinoid hinders the production of inflammatory proteins by the body.

2. The Cannabinoid Can Act as a Pain Reliever

It’s common for athletes to experience muscle pain after or during recovery. That is because they tend to push their bodies to the limit in order to achieve brilliant results. It is, however, not healthy for the pain to persist for a more extended period. Athletes facing such a problem should consider using Quanta’s Extra Strength Muscle Rub to help numb the pain. For years CBD has been acting as a pain reliever for people suffering from chronic pain, especially arthritis patients. Athletes can consume CBD in the form of tinctures and muscle rub to keep their internal systems from absorbing the anandamide hormone, easing their pain.

3. Athletes Require CBD for Quality Sleep

Participating in high interval intensity training regularly without giving your body the time to benefit from the workout is toxic. It sometimes leads to reversal effects where an athlete ends up experiencing the reduction of muscle mass. It may also lead to poor performance if not managed. To prevent such an ordeal, athletes require a total of 8 hours of sleep a day. That is in order to give their bodies enough time to build up and replenish. For those athletes having problems sleepingQuanta’s muscle rub contains lavender essential oil and when applied to the bottoms of the feet assists the body in a deep, restful night’s sleep. The compound facilitates the restoration of the NREM sleep cycle to help the body restore and rebuild in readiness for the upcoming tasks.

4. With CBD, Athletes Can Remain Focused Throughout

Athletes require absolute focus to register excellent results. It is also one of the best ways to avoid reckless injuries that can end up ruining your career. But how do you maintain your focus with all that pressure around you? Well, the best way is to start using CBD for mental health. The cannabinoid is famous for its ability to keep you fixated on the task at hand. Soon after consumption, CBD triggers the balance of serotonin hormone in the brains. A single application will enable you to remain focused for some time, after which you can add another application of CBD.

5. CBD Can Help Athletes Get Energy Boosts

Energy is a key factor for performance. Without energy, an athlete will lack the fuel to function, and that will see them experience a hard time keeping up with workout schedules. For optimum functionality, it is vital for your body to produce enough energy all the time. Those whose systems are incapable of doing so should consider including CBD in their workout regimes. Once in the body, CBD will trigger the endocannabinoid system to activate cell functions, which leads to faster energy production. At that rate, the athlete will have plenty of energy to function optimally.

6.CBD Can Help Protect the Athlete’s Central Nervous System

The worst fear of athletes is to drag during workouts and replicate the same on the field. Such a poor performance may be due to many things, one of them being nervous system burnout. As soon as that happens, the athlete will become slow and less active. That will see their performance drop. The best way for athletes to protect their central nervous system, or the CNS, is to start using CBD. The cannabis extract is an incredible CNS remedy. That is because it prevents the overuse of the myelin sheaths and instead thickens them to keep the system safe. Doing so stops CNS burnouts, and the athlete gets to retain their peak performance. Quanta’s all-natural muscle rub contains lavender and peppermint essential oil which directly work with the CNS allowing for a sustained calming effect throughout the mind and body.

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