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The BIG deal about Quanta Plus is the nano-sized particles. Entering the epidermis (top layer) the nano-particle delivery system allows for quicker absorption and more powerful results. In addition to that, all Quanta Muscle Rub formulas also offer potent anti-inflammatory compounds derived from turmeric as well as an exclusive blend of essential oils specifically chosen for their ability to reduce common aches and pains. While also addressing symptoms of muscle, nerve and chronic joint pain, circulation, along with general pain relief for a feeling of vitality – anyone can use Quanta CBD Plus. 

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Quanta's 13 All Natural Ingredients!


Quanta's 13 All Natural Ingredients!

Quanta CBD muscle rub, made with all 100% natural ingredientsAll natural CBD muscle rubIngredient #1 - Cannabidiol (CBD): Helps to p …


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